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Hog Hunting In Iowa and Big Game Trophy Hunts


Big Horned Rams

Mouflons, Corsicans, Black Hawaiian, Barbado, and Texas Doll are what we have available.  These Rams make the prettiest, long haired, big horned trophy mounts.  The Mouflon is our favorite breed.  We have a small herd of these wild beauties and offer superior ewe lambs for sale in the fall.   They were purchased from the best breeding stock (Ricky Hunt, Terry Long, Mose Yoder) and sired by our best ram.

Rams Currently For Sale - Click On Images To View Larger

If you have visited Scenic View Ranch, you have met Joseph and Mariam; two bottle fed lambs we purchased from Mose Yoder.  We have the most fun with these two.  They like to ride the golf cart and be petted.  We are very fortunate that Joseph has grown some magnificent horns, the nicest young ram we’ve ever had.  Joseph will have a long career here.  Mariam has a little ewe this lamb this year.

Rams - Click On Images To View Larger